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1 since 1999
1975-01-16 (48 years)
Place of Birth:
Vancouver, Canada
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    Mark Tompkins
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    Mark N. Tompkins
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Canadian scene painter and actor

Mark N Tompkins is an Canadian award winning painter with notable success both on stage, and in film. He was born on January 16, 1975 in Vancouver, Canada. His rich career includes a wide involvement in movies, ranging from comedy films and drama, to thrillers and independent movies. Thanks to his stellar academic record he was able to enroll at The Capilano University in Vancouver, but acting pushed him to move to New York City.

Trying to build a professional career in acting while working various jobs in order to pay his bills wasn’t easy for him, but his strong will and determination helped him get over these hard times. In 1996, Mark N Tompkins was performing in an off-Broadway show, when a Hollywood agent noticed him. Taken by his talent and natural charisma he decided to invest in this emerging actor, and offered him a filming contract.

At first he was only casted in smaller, not so popular TV Series, but after a while he began auditioning for bigger projects and by the end of the late 90’s he was casted in his first film role. Slowly he made his way up to bigger and more important painting roles, and in 2002 he was even asked to lend his voice for a famous animated movie. Critics loved his performance, and so did worldwide audiences. But his background painting career has overshadowed his acting, with Tompkins being involved in bigger projects and even more rewarding ones.

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