Dear Frankie


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Category Letter
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Category Mother-Son Relationship
Category Violent Father
2008-07-03 20:29Category Father
Category Father Son Relationship
Category Loss of Father
Anonymous PKC4fbHWU69 8WCfXUfXBVA2008-05-19 16:13Oral Norrie Ottey as Editor
Shona Auerbach as Director of Photography
Alex Heffes as Original Music
2008-05-19 16:12Andrea Gibb as Author
Caroline Wood as Producer
Shona Auerbach as Director
annasita (contribs)2008-05-05 09:01Andrea Gibb as Screenplay
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Category Scotland
Category Ship
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2008-05-04 20:12Category Marital Tragedy
2008-05-04 20:11Shona Auerbach as First Assistant Director
2008-05-04 20:10Language English
2008-05-04 20:07changed Runtime from 0 to 105
release date set to 2004-01-01
changed name from Lieber Frankie to Dear Frankie
2008-05-04 20:00Emily Mortimer as Actor
Jack McElhone as Actor
2008-05-04 19:59Mary Riggans as Actor
Sharon Small as Actor
2008-05-04 19:58Sophie Main as Actor
Katy Murphy as Actor
2008-05-04 19:31created Dear Frankie