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The Hollywood Dream


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Jo (contribs)2015-02-28 23:32Country United Kingdom
Language English
Jo (contribs)2014-07-04 22:27Category History of Cinematography
2014-07-04 21:58Category 1920s
Category Film
2014-07-04 21:56Category Documentary
2014-07-04 21:54Carl Theodor Dreyer as Archive footage
Lars von Trier as Shown person
King Vidor as Archive footage
Anita Loos as Archive footage
2014-07-04 21:53Norman Lloyd as Shown person
Stanley Donen as Shown person
2014-07-04 21:15changed Runtime from 0 to 61
2014-07-04 21:00release date set to 2011-09-10
2014-07-04 20:59created The Hollywood Dream