The Jerk


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Jo (contribs)2021-06-09 11:54Bill Macy as Actor
Dick O'Neill as Actor
Jackie Mason as Actor
2021-06-09 11:53M. Emmet Walsh as Actor
System2019-01-18 23:08changed external link to
2017-04-19 05:47Victor J. Kemper as Director of Photography
Jo (contribs)2017-01-08 15:45changed external link to
ThomasClive (contribs)2010-09-06 10:00Category 1979
Cabufle (contribs)2009-07-31 17:11Category Touching
Category Funny
2009-07-31 16:54Category Tennisplatz
Category Knife thrower
Category Parents Kids Relationship
2009-07-31 16:53Category Elvis
Category Gangster
2009-07-31 16:52Category Fire Alarm
Category Van
Category Credit Card
Category Train Ride
Category Motel
Category Fellatio
2009-07-31 16:51Category Dance
Category Wine
Category Joint
Category Trumpet
2009-07-31 16:50Category Maid
Category Racism
Category Charlatan
Category Gas Station
Category Bath Tub
Category Adoptive Parents
2009-07-31 16:49Category Homeless Person
Category Court Case
Category Accident compensation
Category Side Effect
Category From Rags to Riches
2009-07-31 16:48Category Wealth
Category Villa
Category Mansion
Category Wedding