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Tödlicher Unfall


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Peter (contribs)2008-01-07 06:22Rudolf Rösner as Actor
Richard Hager as Actor
Bernd Fischerauer as Actor
Erich Padalewski as Actor
2008-01-07 06:21Michael Janisch as Actor
Erich Frank as Actor
Ludwig Blaha as Actor
Elisabeth Stiepl as Actor
2008-01-07 06:20Kitty Speiser as Actor
Marianne Schönauer as Actor
Albert Rolant as Actor
2008-01-07 06:19Lieselotte Plauensteiner as Actor
Kurt Jaggberg as Actor
2008-01-07 06:18Fritz Eckhardt as Actor
Gerhard Hruby as Set Designer
unknown cast change
2008-01-07 06:17Josefa Windisch as Makeup Artist
Walter Sihorsch as Editor
Klaus Matzka as Director of Photography
Felix Kränkl as Director of Photography
2008-01-07 06:16Herbert Grunsky as Director of Photography
Werner Füssl as Director of Photography
2008-01-07 06:15Ernst Papp as Director of Photography
Norbert Pawlicki as Original Music Composer
Erich Neuberg as Producer
2008-01-07 06:14Friedrich Redl as Screenplay
Herbert Fuchs as Director
2008-01-07 05:45Category Black And White Film
Category Family Film
Category Film Produced For TV
Category Crime
changed Runtime from 0 to 76
release date set to 1966-10-21
Language German
Country Austria
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