Murder in Three Acts


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Peter (contribs)2007-12-28 14:32Phillip Guilmant as Actor
Angeles Gonzalez as Actor
2007-12-28 14:31Jacqueline Evans as Actor
Concetta Tomei as Actor
2007-12-28 14:30Nicholas Pryor as Actor
Diana Muldaur as Actor
2007-12-28 14:29Marian Mercer as Actor
2007-12-28 14:28Frances Lee McCain as Actor
Dana Elcar as Actor
2007-12-28 14:27Lisa Eichhorn as Actor
2007-12-28 14:19Pedro Armend├íriz Jr. as Actor
2007-12-28 14:18Fernando Allende as Actor
Jonathan Cecil as Actor
Emma Samms as Actor
2007-12-28 14:17Tony Curtis as Actor
Peter Ustinov as Actor
2007-12-28 14:16Alan Friedman as Makeup Artist
unknown cast change
2007-12-28 14:15Fernando Ramirez as Production Design
Donald R. Rode as Editor
Neil Roach as Director of Photography
2007-12-28 14:14Alf Clausen as Music
Paul Waigner as Producer
2007-12-28 14:13Scott Swanton as Screenplay
Agatha Christie as Novel
Gary Nelson as Director
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Category Family Film
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Category Mystery Thriller
Category Drama
Category Detective Film
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release date set to 1986-09-30
Language English
Country United States of America