The Patriot


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System2020-03-14 17:56changed external link to
2019-07-16 03:15changed Budget to 25000000
Jo (contribs)2019-01-18 23:25Molly McClure as Actor
Brad Leland as Actor
Category Biological Weapon
System2018-10-28 06:15Stephen F. Windon as Director of Photography
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uzi (contribs)2012-07-13 06:42Whitney Yellow Robe as Actor
L.Q. Jones as Actor
2012-07-13 06:41Dean Semler as Director
Sonse (contribs)2010-05-11 18:00Category Novel
Category Coming to Terms With The Past
2010-05-11 17:59Category Constitution of the United States of America
Category Father-Daughter-Relationship
Category Father Son Relationship
Category Independence Movement
Category Independence
Category Troops
Category Tote Kinder
deleted category
Cabufle (contribs)Category Swamp
Sonse (contribs)Category Beach
Category South Carolina
Category Slave
Category Sabotage
Cabufle (contribs)Category Pregancy and Birth
Sonse (contribs)Category Battle
Category Officer
Category Fulfillment of Duty
Cabufle (contribs)Category Massacre
Sonse (contribs)Category Cannon
Category pathogen
Cabufle (contribs)Category Camaraderie
Category Wedding
Category Dog
Sonse (contribs)Category Legislation
Cabufle (contribs)Category Freedom Fighter
Sonse (contribs)Category struggle for freedom
Category Gallows
Category Execution