Der Haus-Tyrann

Der Haustyrann

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2017-09-13 09:57alias Der Haus-Tyrann
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denis (contribs)2008-01-07 12:19Company Deutsche Schmalfilm GmbH
2008-01-07 12:16Category Lodger
Category Landlord
Peter (contribs)2007-12-23 04:34Willi Hagara as Actor
Dietrich Thoms as Actor
Else Quecke as Actor
2007-12-23 04:33Hans Leibelt as Actor
Eduard Linkers as Actor
2007-12-23 04:32Beppo Brem as Actor
Ernst Waldow as Actor
Arnulf Schröder as Actor
2007-12-23 04:31Stephan Schwartz as Actor
Rudolf Platte as Actor
2007-12-23 04:30Peter Vogel as Actor
Grethe Weiser as Actor
Helga Martin as Actor
2007-12-23 04:29Heinz Erhardt as Actor
Oskar Schnirch as Editor
unknown cast change
2007-12-23 04:28Willy Schatz as Set Designer
Werner Achmann as Set Designer
Werner Preuss as Editor
2007-12-23 04:27Oskar Schnirch as Director of Photography
Oskar Schnirch as Editor
2007-12-23 04:26Raimund Rosenberger as Original Music Composer
Walter Traut as Producer
Werner P. Zibaso as Screenplay
2007-12-23 04:25Hans Reimann as Screenplay
Toni Impekoven as Screenplay
Hans Deppe as Director
2007-12-23 04:24Category Black And White Film
Category Family Film
Category Comedy
changed Runtime from 0 to 90
release date set to 1959-01-29
Language German