Two Bavarians in St. Pauli

Zwei Bayern in St. Pauli

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2018-04-28 11:10alias Two Bavarians in St. Pauli
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Category Guy Movie
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Company König Film
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Joseph Offenbach as Actor
2007-12-13 05:51Jean Pierre Fayne as Actor
Rudolf Carl as Actor
2007-12-13 05:50Petra Unkel as Actor
Gustl Kreissl as Actor
Knut Ihne as Actor
2007-12-13 05:49Gaby Fehling as Actor
Alexander Golling as Actor
2007-12-13 05:48Michl Lang as Actor
Ruth Lommel as Actor
2007-12-13 05:47Ernst Waldow as Actor
Franz Muxeneder as Actor
Lucie Englisch as Actor
2007-12-13 05:46Beppo Brem as Actor
Joe Stöckel as Actor
unknown cast change
2007-12-13 05:45Kurt Rippberger as Set Decoration
Hans Strobel as Set Designer
2007-12-13 05:44Hans Sohnle as Set Designer
Luise Dreyer-Sachsenberg as Editor
Erich Küchler as Director of Photography
2007-12-13 05:43Werner Bochmann as Original Music Composer
Edgar Röll as Producer
Richard König as Producer
Hans H. König as Producer
2007-12-13 05:42Hans Lacmüller as Screenplay
Hans H. König as Screenplay
Eberhard Itzenplitz as Screenplay
2007-12-13 05:41Hermann Kugelstadt as Director
Category Black And White Film