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Liebe a la carte


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denis (contribs)2007-12-26 14:48Category Wedding
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Peter (contribs)2007-12-08 18:05Jürgen Schornagel as Actor
Michaela May as Actor
Laura Beck as Actor
2007-12-08 18:04Finja Beck as Actor
Lavinia Wilson as Actor
Susanne Schäfer as Actor
2007-12-08 18:03Nina Hoger as Actor
Hannelore Hoger as Actor
Winfried Zrenner as Original Music Composer
2007-12-08 18:02Ludwig Eckmann as Original Music Composer
Ludwig Winfried Zrenner as Original Music Composer
2007-12-08 18:01Anton Peschke as Director of Photography
Andrea Kriegl as Screenplay
Ulrich Zrenner as Director
2007-12-08 17:52Category Family Film
Category Film Produced For TV
Category Comedy
changed Runtime from 0 to 90
release date set to 2006-04-03
Language German
Country Germany
Company Network Movie
2007-12-08 17:51created Liebe a la carte