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Red Shoe Diaries 14: Luscious Lola


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annasita (contribs)2007-11-19 19:12changed parent_id to 5455
Anonymous wU3249ps4gX ZD+79tjbd4A2007-11-14 17:59created article Red Shoe Diaries 14: Luscious Lola
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Peter (contribs)2007-11-14 17:31Herbie Tribino as Actor
Vance Harvey as Actor
2007-11-14 17:30Christina Fulton as Actor
unknown cast change
Michael Bendetti as Actor
2007-11-14 17:29John Enos III as Actor
Bobbie Philips as Actor
2007-11-14 17:28Heidi Mark as Actor
David Duchovny as Actor
2007-11-14 17:27Zalman King as Producer
Zalman King as Screenplay
Zalman King as Director
2007-11-14 17:22Category Guy Movie
Category Film Produced For TV
Category B-Movie
Category Erotic Film
changed Runtime from 0 to 86
release date set to 2000-11-14
Language English
Country United States of America
Company Republic Pictures
2007-11-14 17:21created Red Shoe Diaries 14: Luscious Lola