The Crazy Stranger

Gadjo Dilo

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Category Belly Dancing
Category Dance
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alias The Crazy Stranger (Gadjo Dilo)
2010-01-22 08:10alias The Crazy Stranger
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Language French
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Category Gypsy
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Category Social Drama
Category Destiny
annasita (contribs)2007-11-03 16:32Dan Astileanu as Actor
Gheorge Gherebenec as Actor
Ioan Serban as Actor
2007-11-03 16:31Vasile Serban as Actor
Aurica Ursan as Actor
Angela Serban as Actor
2007-11-03 16:30Ovidiu Balan as Actor
Izidor Serban as Actor
Rona Hartner as Actor
unknown cast change
Marie de Laubier as Casting
2007-11-03 16:29Monique Dartonne as Editor
Eric Guichard as Director of Photography
Tony Gatlif as Original Music Composer
Rona Hartner as Original Music Composer
2007-11-03 16:28Guy Marignane as Executive Producer
Tony Gatlif as Screenplay
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Country Romania
Country France
Company Princes Films