The Life of the Dead

La Vie des morts

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Category Suicide Attempt
2007-10-12 11:28Eric Gautier as Director of Photography
2007-10-12 11:27unknown cast change
Arnaud Desplechin as Director
2007-10-12 11:26Emmanuelle Devos as Actor
Emmanuel Salinger as Actor
2007-10-12 11:25Laurent Schilling as Actor
2007-10-12 11:24Benoît Brione as Actor
Eric Bonicatto as Actor
2007-10-12 11:23Gregori Baquet as Actor
Suzel Goffre as Actor
Laurence Côte as Actor
2007-10-12 11:22Bernard Ballet as Actor
Marianne Denicourt as Actor
2007-10-12 11:21Roch Leibovici as Actor
Thibault de Montalembert as Actor
2007-10-12 11:20changed Runtime from 0 to 54
release date set to 1991-06-12
Language French
Country France
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