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annasita (contribs)2007-08-07 16:46Category Secret Agent
Category Spying
deleted category
Category Thriller
deleted category
2007-08-07 16:44Company Michael Relph Productions
2007-08-07 16:43unknown cast change
Jack Stevens as Art Direction
Donald M. Ashton as Production Design
John D. Guthridge as Editor
Otto Heller as Director of Photography
Philip Green as Original Music Composer
2007-08-07 16:42unknown cast change
William Goldman as Screenplay
Michael Relph as Screenplay
2007-08-07 16:41Victor Canning as Novel
Anonymous I76ResIDThI wJzXmqRrAvQ2007-08-06 01:38created article Masquerade
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Anonymous cvlI9XzmZsq psXwSzkLt3w2007-08-05 17:40John Le Mesurier as Actor
2007-08-05 17:39Charles Gray as Actor
Bill Fraser as Actor
Michel Piccoli as Actor
2007-08-05 17:38Marisa Mell as Actor
Jack Hawkins as Actor
Cliff Robertson as Actor
2007-08-05 17:37Basil Dearden as Director
alias Operation Masquerade
alias A Shabby Tiger
2007-08-05 17:36changed Runtime from 0 to 102
release date set to 1965-04-13
Language English
Country United Kingdom
Anonymous J+uCBZjG69u o9s7zI9C27g2007-08-05 11:54created Masquerade