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Jo (contribs)2017-06-24 19:09changed external link to
Anonymous FRp/kRiNOxx AofkxENdrMA2009-06-03 08:44Cordula Zeller as Actor
Daniel Bucher as Actor
Anonymous pEQMdYmNeLb vJCf5hL/XMw2009-06-02 21:27changed Budget to 70000
Anonymous /RI1oM6m0Lp D2T4awvOYfw2008-12-28 20:13deleted category
2008-12-28 20:09Category Short
Category Psychodrama
Anonymous yfcncVcu1dW W8cgLJrM71w2008-12-26 19:10changed homepage from to
Anonymous bnbNnWmwtpi UmWJdtAhU3Q2008-12-17 11:46release date set to 2004-08-14
Ulrich Breimesser as Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Martin Frühmorgen as Tongestaltung
2008-12-17 11:45Frank Bohn as Costumer
Irina Kromayer as Set Designer
2008-12-17 11:44Felix Leitermann as Production Manager
Anonymous fyxhF4INNhd Z/mJivu6nog2008-12-16 20:33created article Menschenkörper
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Anonymous hmH/dIADop1 uohIsJJO++A2008-12-16 18:46Language German
2008-12-16 18:45Category Art House Film
deleted category
2008-12-16 18:44Adrian Ziegert as Actor
Christina Geiersberg as Actor
2008-12-16 18:43unknown cast change
Ingo Hülsmann as Actor
Country Germany
2008-12-16 18:42unknown cast change
2008-12-16 18:41Tobias Frühmorgen as Director
changed homepage from to
changed Runtime from 0 to 17
2008-12-16 18:40created Menschenkörper