Flying Saucer Rock N Roll

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Released on the 2008-01-01
85 Minutes
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Flying Saucer Rock N Roll is the debut feature film from the father-son duo Eric and Joe Callero. The year is 1957 as a group of rockabilly and beatnik teens are visited by weed smoking Martian zombies who have come to take their earth women. Filmed with respect for classic horror films and full of laughs as the viewer is taken on an adventure like no other.

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From DVD: 1957, a happy time of big fins, rockabilly music and innocent teen love… until the Martians come! In one night three teenagers have their world turned upside down by zombie beatniks, hopped up on space weed and bent on harvesting earth women for Martian demise. Only our square hero Johnny Keen (Josh Duthie), with help from his beatnik friend, Maynard (Elan Freydenson), can defeat them, but can Johnny become “cool” enough in time to save his girl, Susie (Shannon Lark), and the day?

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