Sin querer


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annasita (contribs)2008-07-28 15:49Tania Stöcklin as Editor
2008-07-28 15:48Jürgen Jürges as Director of Photography
2008-07-28 15:47Gustavo Beytelman as Original Music Composer
2008-07-28 15:45Category Drama
2008-07-28 15:44Company Trans-Film
2008-07-28 15:42Category Village
Category Search for a Missing Person
Category Rape
Category Affair
2008-07-28 15:41Category Engineer
Category Patagonia
2008-07-28 15:39Patricio Contreras as Actor
Yessica Cardozo as Actor
Ángela Molina as Actor
2008-07-28 15:38changed Runtime from 0 to 90
release date set to 1997-07-24
Daniel Kuzniecka as Actor
2008-07-28 15:35Ciro Cappellari as Screenplay
2008-07-28 15:34Ciro Cappellari as Director
2008-07-28 15:31Language Spanish
Country Argentina
changed name from mh to Sin querer
Anonymous s7AUg+kF+VB hvjXSIshn8w2008-07-28 02:57created article Sin querer
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Anonymous 9CXurjRZ492 kRAxEqpwTlg2008-07-28 02:27created Sin querer