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Zum Teufel mit der Penne


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System2020-06-22 05:24changed external link to empty
2017-05-24 18:50Franz Seitz jr. as Screenplay
Jo (contribs)2017-03-08 15:10Category Comedy
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Jo (contribs)2014-11-21 01:16Theo Lingen as Actor
2014-11-21 01:11Heintje as Actor
2014-11-21 01:10Inge Wolffberg as Actor
Sabine Bethmann as Actor
2014-11-21 01:01Werner Jacobs as Director
Rudolf Schündler as Actor
Balduin Baas as Actor
Willy Millowitsch as Actor
Hannelore Elsner as Actor
2014-11-21 01:00Hansi Kraus as Actor
Peter Alexander as Actor
2014-11-21 00:59Country Germany
Language German
changed Runtime from 0 to 99
annasita (contribs)2008-08-04 15:16release date set to 1968-01-01
2008-07-08 13:51changed parent_id to 11341
2008-07-08 13:48changed name from 阳光灿烂的日子 to Zum Teufel mit der Penne
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