While omdb stands for open media database, there are certain restrictions on what can and cannot be included in the database. For this reason, before an article can be created, it must meet certain relevance criteria.


  • Any type of film (including domestic and foreign feature films, student films, short films, documentaries, cultural films, educational films or business films) may be included in the database.
  • However, no flash movies and no “quick productions” from websites such as or similar.
  • No hardcore pornography! However, sex films that have already been shown on television can be included without hesitation. For all others, decisions are made individually: in a few exceptional cases, porn can also be relevant.
  • No primarily xenophobic or discriminatory works. Unless there is an important film aesthetic or political reference (see Jud Süß).
  • No compilations (e.g. collections of video clips on DVD or several films from one director in one DVD box).


  • Filmmakers are included in omdb if they can be identified as having played a key role (director, actor, screenwriter, producer, cameraman, etc.) in a relevant movie.
  • Writers and authors are included in omdb if a contribution to a relevant movie in an essential function (screenwriter, story, idea, etc.) is recognizable.
  • Fictional characters are included in omdb if they represent characters that play an important role in a work (such as Luke Skywalker from Star Wars).
  • Real people (including deceased ones) are created as characters in omdb if they play an important role in a movie (e.g. in documentaries or bio-pics).
  • People who cannot be assigned to any movie (e.g. stage actors who have never acted in a movie) are not included in omdb.

Other media

  • Other media such as literature, computer games or DVDs will only be released for entry into omdb at a later stage.


  • Companies and organizations may only be provided with their own article if they can show a recognizable participation in a film. (For example Industrial Light & Magic or the Berlin Philharmonic).