Upload an image of a plot keyword

On the left edge of the screen of an omdb page about a keyword you can upload a suitable image which illustrates the keyword. In the case of objective keywords, the choice of motif is usually not difficult: simply photograph the object and upload your picture. With more abstract keywords like Loneliness or Father Son Relationship you have to be a little more creative and choose a motif that is well suited to triggering appropriate associations. Since the image is also displayed in the search for keywords, the motif should illustrate the keyword or allow an intuitive connection between the image and the keyword.

ATTENTION: Not every image may be uploaded to omdb! As a rule, copyrighted images may not be shown in omdb! Please note our General information about images!

How do I upload an image?

  1. First click on “upload image”.
  2. Then select “Browse” in the following dialog. There you can select the desired image on your hard drive. Then please select the correct license and indicate the source and any other details.