All important formatting rules for text, links and lists are explained here. It is very important for the uniform image of omdb that all articles have the same formatting!

Caution: The most important formatting can also be carried out easily with the buttons of the Toolbar!

Formatting of text

All forms of text formatting can be implemented in omdb. It should be noted, however, that you should only use most formatting sparingly and only if it actually makes sense. This also applies to the use of bold text.

Format links

You can link to all omdb internal information as well as to websites outside of omdb.

Format headings

In order to mark a text as a normal heading, three equal signs are set in the editor in the line below. Three minus signs are used for the smaller subheading.

Format lists and bullets

Lists and enumerations can be used well to gather a lot of brief information in a small space.

Formatting of footnotes

Footnotes are always useful when you want to refer to an external source or add additional information to your text. In the running text, footnotes appear as small, superscript numbers1.

1 The explanation for the respective footnote is always at the bottom (the “foot”) of the text.