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    National Film Registry
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List of U.S. movies that are considered particularly valuable and worthy of preservation for future generations. The legal basis for the collection is the National Film Preservation Act. The list is administered by the National Library of Congress and currently contains approximately 875 films. The list is expanded every year, but a movie must be at least 10 years old to be included in the list.


The current list of movies can be viewed on the National Film Preservation Board page.

The list

The following list contains the movies that are currently on the National Preservation Board's list. The movies are reproduced in their original title. The enumeration reflects the status as of December 2023 and is sorted by decade. The year of the movie's release is in parentheses. Since a movie can be added to the list no earlier than 10 years after its release, the list currently ends with the release year 2013.

1891 – 1900

1901 – 1910

1911 – 1920

1921 – 1930

1931 – 1940

1941 – 1950

1951 – 1960

1961 – 1970

1971 – 1980

1981 – 1990

1991 – 2000

2001 – 2010

2011 – 2020

to be continued….

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