In addition to articles about movies or actors, you can also write articles about individual characters from movies, e.g. about Dracula, Indiana Jones or Homer J. Simpson. Real people can also be described as film characters in the omdb if they were seen in a documentary film, played themselves in a feature film or were embodied by an actor in a feature film. For example, the Indian independence fighter Mahatma Gandhi was portrayed in the movie Gandhi by Ben Kingsley.

Each film character that appears in a film entered on omdb can be described on a separate page. But since articles about all film characters in the system make no sense, you should first determine on the respective film page which characters of this film are so important to you that they get their own omdb page and should be described there separately.

The structure of a page about a character

  • In the center of the page you can enter a short description of the character and write an article about the character. You also have access to the “Played by” tab, which provides an overview of all actors who have already played this character and lists the respective movie. This list is automatically generated and therefore cannot be edited.
  • The right part of the page provides an overview of the number of movies in omdb in which this film character played a role. Below you will find a selection of the actors who have already played this role and a selection of the movies in which the role appeared. You can also change the character’s name or add alternative names.