Gangs of Wasseypur

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Movie Facts

Released on the 2012-05-22
315 Minutes
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Plot Keywords

1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 20th Century, 21st Century, Abuse of Power, Addicted, Adultery, Affair, Alcohol, Armed Violence, Arms Deal, Arms Dealer, Arranged Marriage, Asia, Assassin, Assassination, Baby, Becoming an Adult, Blood, Blood Spatter, Blood thirst, Bloodbath, Bribe, Bride, Broken Family, Brother, Brother Brother Relationship, Brutality, Buddies, Burst of Violence, Candidature, Car, Ceasefire, Cheated Wife, Cheating, Child, Childhood, Cigarette, Coal, Coal Mining, Cold Blooded, Combat, Complicated Birth, Conspiracy of Murder, Contract Killer, Corruption, Cover-up, Cruel, Cruelty, Cut-Off Body Part, Daily Family Life, Death during Childbirth, Death Threat, Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction, Eisenbahn, Election Campaign, Election Fraud, Election Victor, Escalating Violence, Escape, Evil, Ex-Husband, Ex-Wife, Family, Family Clan, Family Conflict, Family Honour, Family Party, Family Story, Family Tradition, Father, Father Figure, Father Son Relationship, Fatherhood, Fear, Feud, Firearm, Fountain of Blood, Four Brothers, Fratricide, Gallery, Gang, Gang of Youths, Gangster, Gangster Boss, Gangster Honor, Growing Up, Gunfight, Gunshot, Half-Brothers, Happy Family, Hicktown, Hold-Up Robbery, Home, Homicide division, Husband, Illegal Delivery of Wepaons, India, Infidelity, Interrogation, Investigation, Islam, Joint, Juvenile Delinquency, Kidnap victim, Kidnapping, Kidnapping and Murder, Killer, Knife, Knife Fight, Labour Pain, Lorry, Loss of Brother, Loss of Father, Machinegun, Mafia, Mafia Boss, Manhunt, Mansion, Marital Problems, Marital Row, Market, Marriage, Marriage Crisis, Married Couple, Massacre, Mercilessness, Midwife, Mine, Mining, Minister, Motorcycle, Murder, Murder Charge, Murder of a Friend, Murder of Husband, Murder of Wife, Murder on Command, Muslim, Old Friends, Old House, Old Town, Petrol Station Robbery, Pistol, Planned Murder, Police, Police Car, Police Car, Police Corruption, Police Station, Policeman, Political Assassination, Politician, Politics, Pregancy and Birth, Pregnancy, Province, Quest for Revenge, Railroad, Railway Car, Razor Blade, Retaliation, Revenge, Rifle, Road, Robbery, Roof, Series of Murders, Severity, Sexual Desire, Shooting, Single Mother, Slum, Small-Time Criminal, Street Gang, Street Riots, Street War, Submachine Gun, Surrogate Father, Suspicion of Murder, Teenager, To Smoke Hash, Trade Union, Train Robbery, Urban Life, Vendetta, Victim of Murder, Villa, Violence, Weapons, Wedding, Wedding Reception, Wife, Witness, Youth
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