omdb pages about keywords

In addition to articles about movies, you can also write articles about plot keywords. Plot keywords offer the possibility of keywording movies in terms of content. To learn what keywords are in omdb and how they are structured, please see What are plot keywords?.

The structure of a page about a plot keyword

  • An image of the keyword can be uploaded on the left side of the page. If subpages exist for this page, the names of the subpages are displayed on the left.

  • In the center block, you can enter a short description of the keyword and write an article about the keyword. You also have access to the “Movies” and “Stats” tabs. Under the “Movies” tab you will find all the movies that have been assigned this keyword. The “Stats” tab shows you the relevance of this keyword in omdb.
  • The right part of the page provides an overview of selected movies that have been assigned this keyword. The overview “Dependent Keywords” is particularly important. Since keywords are structured hierarchically in omdb, the next higher and the next lower hierarchy level is displayed there. For example, for the keyword Germany, the next higher category would be Europe and the lower categories would be something like Schleswig-Holstein or Berlin. Also not visible are branched categories, e.g. the category Prenzlauer Berg, which as a district of Berlin represents a subcategory of Berlin. You can also name possible synonyms for the keywords (see: Add synonym names), which is particularly important to avoid duplicate articles.
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