Clicking on the “add” button in the keywords overview opens the dialogue for entering plot keywords. Here you can search for existing keywords or create new keywords. To do this, enter the keyword in the small search window.

You will then be shown all keywords that contain your desired keyword. It should be noted that not only the appropriate keyword is displayed, but that a line always includes a keyword and its complete hierarchy, with the individual levels being divided by a ”>”. The actual keyword is located after the last ”>”. If you now select the desired keyword with a mouse click, it will be automatically assigned to the movie. At the bottom you will also find the option to create a new keyword. You should always use this if you feel that your keyword should be assigned a different or new context than the one that already exist.

If the desired keyword has not yet been created in omdb, this will be displayed to you immediately and you will be given the opportunity to create it. Please remember to only enter the actual keyword and not its relative position in a keyword hierarchy! Your entry must therefore never be made according to the pattern “Element1 > Element2 > Element3”. Rather, you can only enter Element3 at this point and have to sort it later under Element2.

Remove keywords

Please note that you can only add keywords this way. If you accidentally assigned the wrong keyword, the only way to remove it is to vote negatively.

What are plot keywords?

If you want to learn more about keywords in general, please refer to this help topic: