The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein

La maldición de Frankenstein

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alias The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein
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System2018-08-30 16:50alias Dracula Against Frankenstein
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2007-08-14 21:16Company Comptoir Français du Film Production
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Peter (contribs)2007-08-11 15:15Beatriz Savon as Actor
Lina Romay as Actor
2007-08-11 15:14Jesus Franco as Actor
Fernando Bilbao as Actor
Luis Barboo as Actor
2007-08-11 15:13Luis Barboo as Actor
Luis Barboo as Actor
Alberto Dalbes as Actor
2007-08-11 15:12Britt Nichols as Actor
Anne Libert as Actor
2007-08-11 15:11Howard Vernon as Actor
Dennis Price as Actor
2007-08-11 15:10Roberto Fandino as Editor
Raul Artigot as Director of Photography
2007-08-11 15:09Daniel White as Music
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