omdb pages about persons

In addition to articles about movies, you can also write articles about people who have been on or in a movie. All persons who have been specified on a film page as an actor or as a member of the crew automatically receive their own page in omdb and can be described there.

The structure of a page about a person

  • In the center of the page you can enter a short description about the person and write an article about the person. You also have access to the “Filmography” and “Stats” tabs. These are generated automatically and cannot be edited.
  • The right part of the page provides an overview of relevant personal data; e.g. date and place of birth, date of death (if applicable), official homepage of the person (if applicable). By clicking on “edit” you can make changes to this part. Below that you can enter other variations of the person’s name, e.g. a stage name, other first name variations, etc. Below you will find an overview of movies in which the person was involved. By clicking on “show all movies” you will get an overview of all the movies in which the person has been involved (filmography).

Please note that omdb only describes people who have worked on or in films or real people who have been portrayed in a film. For more information see Relevance Criteria.