Das Testament des Cornelius Gulden


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Peter (contribs)2007-07-29 16:12Paul Samson-Körner as Actor
Fritz Odemar as Actor
2007-07-29 16:11Erich Kestin as Actor
Leo Peukert as Actor
Albert Paulig as Actor
2007-07-29 16:10Julius Falkenstein as Actor
Ilse Fürstenberg as Actor
2007-07-29 16:09Paul Henckels as Actor
Kurt Lilien as Actor
Hedwig Wangel as Actor
2007-07-29 16:08Jakob Tiedtke as Actor
Ida Wüst as Actor
Theo Lingen as Actor
2007-07-29 16:07Georg Alexander as Actor
Magda Schneider as Actor
Helmut Schreiber as Production Manager
2007-07-29 16:06Max Heilbronner as Set Designer
Ella Ensink as Editor
Willy Goldberger as Director of Photography
2007-07-29 16:05Otto Stransky as Music
Ludwig von Wahl as Novel
Walter Wassermann as Screenplay
2007-07-29 16:04Walter Schlee as Screenplay
E.W. Emo as Director
Category Novella
Category Black And White Film
Category Family Film
Category Comedy
2007-07-29 16:03alias The Testament of Cornelius Gulden
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release date set to 1932-11-03
Language German
Country Germany
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