omdb pages about movies, movie series, series, seasons and episodes

The heart of the omdb database are of course the pages about movies and series. Therefore, the structure of a movie page also specifies the layout that all other pages in omdb are based on. Movie series, series, seasons, and episodes pages have a very similar structure to movie pages, but each has its own special buttons and additional functions.

The structure of a page about movies, etc.

  • In the center block you can enter a short description about the movie and write an article about the movie. You also have access to the “Crew / Cast” and “History” tabs.
  • The right part of the movie page offers various information. At the top you have the opportunity to vote on the quality of the film. Below is an overview of some relevant movie data, an overview of the first and last editors on this movie page, trailer information and an overview of the most important crew members. Next you will find an overview of the four most important actors and below that the possibility to assign suitable categories such as genre or target group. In addition, you can also create keywords that reflect the plot of the movie and you may even find suitable references to other movies. The last overview gives you the option of specifying additional titles.