Sort keywords

Plot keywords can be sorted hierarchically in omdb. Examples of a hierarchy of keywords:

  • Keyword > Gadgets and Technology > Weapons > Whip
  • Keyword > Location > Geography > Europe > Italy > Venice > St. Mark’s Square

It is possible to sort the keywords in a logical hierarchy so that they can be found quickly and easily. So if you have created a new keyword, you should also place it in the relevant place in the system, if possible.

How do I sort a keyword correctly?

On the right side of the keyword page you will find an overview of the movie data. Here you click on the button “edit”, so that a new window opens. Please click now on the tab “Parent category”.

In the left part of the new window you can see the current position of the keyword in the system. If you created it new, it will be in the “Keyword > Other” location by default.

In the right part of the window you can now determine the next higher level of the relevant keyword in the hierarchy. That is, if you want to re-sort the tag “whip”, you only need to enter “weapon” as the next higher level. All higher levels (in this case “devices and technology”) are automatically taken into account. By clicking on “OK” you confirm the entry.

You can find an overview of the existing hierarchy and all previously assigned keywords at: