View and upload trailers

A trailer is a clip composed of a few movie scenes that is used to promote a movie or TV film. Since we want to provide film enthusiasts with as much information as possible, omdb also offers the option of embedding or viewing a trailer for a movie.

View trailers

If one or more trailers for the film have already been uploaded, these are displayed on the right-hand side of the page in the TRAILER info box with one or more play buttons. After clicking on the respective play button, a new page opens in which the trailer is played.

Upload trailers

You want to upload a trailer to omdb? Excellent! However, please note the following information, in particular the information on copyright!

  • To upload a new trailer to omdb, you must be registered and logged in to omdb.
  • Currently there is a choice between trailers from YouTube or Vimeo sources.
  • Whenever possible, preference should be given to trailers uploaded by the official distributor. They usually have no advertising and no additional upstream sequences. In addition, the integration of these videos is copyright-free.
  • You can embed trailers in English and your language set at omdb. For example, to include a French trailer, you must first switch to “French” in the language menu at the top of each page.

Delete trailers

If you ever come across a trailer that doesn’t fit the movie or doesn’t follow the guidelines above, you should delete it or contact us so we can do it. To delete the trailer yourself, you must be registered and logged in, then click on “edit” in the TRAILER info box. There you then have the option of removing individual trailers from the page.