What are keywords?

Plot keywords offer the possibility of keywording movies in terms of content. The keyword refers to the plot of the film, not to its making, its meaning, its target audience or its material sources. This information is already recorded by the correct assignment of Categories. Keywords are therefore terms that play a central role in the film without overlapping with the possible categories.

Motifs, themes, places, epochs or objects that aptly characterize the plot of the film should be named as plot keywords. For example, Indiana Jones (depending on the part) may have as plot tags: whip, Venice, Ark of the Covenant, Himalayas, Nazis, submarine, father-son relationship, escape, chase, mine, occult, sect, 30’s Years, Shanghai, ... Not good examples are: adventure, action, humor etc. because that is already shown in the corresponding categories.

Keywords are diverse and their quantity in omdb is unlimited. While categories and their hierarchy are relatively fixed, keywords can be assigned dynamically, i.e. you can potentially create new keyword for each movie if we don’t already have it in the database.

The purpose of assigning keywords (as with assigning categories) is to form groups of similar movies. Thematically similar movies can be found more quickly with the help of the keywords. For example, you can get an overview of the films in which a Submarine plays a central role or which films are set in Sicily.

Attention: Please make sure that the keywords are entered in the singular!

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