This page explains how you can contact the people working on omdb. Please bear in mind that this project is for the most part operated by volunteers. Though it provides a free service without advertisement, it is a private enterprise and privately funded. It has no “editorial board”, and its articles and answers to your questions are written by volunteers around the world.

Questions about omdb

Most questions you might have about omdb can be answered in the FAQ-List. When you still have unanswered questions you can use one of the other contact possibilities listed here.

Questions in the forum

If you have questions that haven’t been answered in the FAQ, please refer to the Forum

Press Contact

The following information is for exclusively for journalist interested in contacting omdb.

Please send your press request via the TV-Browser form

Software Errors

If any software errors should appear while using omdb you can inform us about the specific details of the problem send a short description of the problem by e-mail to Please understand that we are unable to answer ever question individually.