Constance Bonacieux

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12 since 1935
Portrayed by:
Character created by:
Anonymous UuORxgsIp5F 8HOhlgUhQcA
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Alternative Titles

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Gabriella Wilde

2011 - The Three Musketeers

Diana Amft

2005 - D'Artagnan et les trois mousquetaires

Julie Delpy

1993 - The Three Musketeers

Raquel Welch

1975 - The Four Musketeers
1973 - The Three Musketeers

Josephine Chaplin

1974 - The Four Charlots Musketeers 2
- The Four Charlots Musketeers

Perrette Pradier

1961 - Les trois mousquetaires

Marie-Blanche Vergnes

1959 - Les trois mousquetaires

Danielle Godet

1953 - Les Trois Mousquetaires

June Allyson

1948 - The Three Musketeers

Heather Angel

1935 - The Three Musketeers