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Universal Soldier

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Actors (Details) 1 2 3 4
Jean-Claude Van Damme (Luc Devreux, ...)
Dolph Lundgren (Andrew Scott, ...)
Ally Walker (Veronica Roberts)
Ed O'Ross (Colonel Perry)
Ralf Moeller (GR76)
Matt Battaglia (Luc Devereaux/GR44, ...)
Chandra West (Veronica Roberts)
Burt Reynolds (Mentor/GR88, ...)
Claudette Roche (Grace/GR83)
Jeff Wincott (Sgt. Eric Devereaux/GR87, ...)
Jack Duffy (Dr. Gregor)
Richard McMillan (Dr. Walker)
Aron Tager (John Devereaux)
Roger Periard (McNally)
Andrew Jackson (Andrew Scott / GR13)
Eric Bryson (Peterson / GR80)
Gary Busey (Otto Mazur)
Michael Copeman (Lt. Col. Jack Cameron)
Kiana Tom (Maggie)
Bill Goldberg (Romeo)
Michael Jai White (SETH)
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